Walk Around W/ mariah!

Just before COVID-19, slowed my portrait photography sessions down, Louisville Model: Mariah Alese called me and asked if we could do impromptu creative session. I jumped to it and said what the hell let go? But of course, I asked her what was the plan, what were trying to capture, what style did she want me to shoot and blah blah blah …etc. She said, just grab a camera, maybe a light and lets go see what we can get into.

I was like… UH NO! So you know, I can be a bit of an over planner!
At that moment I remembered what two of my favorites models told me, stop being a perfectionist, and maybe just go out and shoot. I took them up on the challenge!

They gave me TWO rules:
First Rule, NO PLANNING! they really said that! “don’t plan the shoot, don’t pre-scout the area, don’t ask permission, just grab a few things and go!
Mariah was the perfect fearless person to do this with!!!
The Second Rule, I had toss my camera settings into some Wack·A·Doo setting and just shoot! Yatta said “Just go shoot, and in settings you would not normally”.

So I said yes, and here are the results of Mariah and I wondering around New Albany, Indiana to just shoot around.

End result, I have a really good time and playing and totally created some fun shots and BTS video! Please Enjoy! 

I will be uploading more images soon!