Meet The Team



Miguel has worked for various clients in Ohio, Chicago, Detroit, Indiana and Kentucky.  Miguel created his primary marketing business F5 Enterprises, LLC, which is a boutique marketing and photography firm in Kentuckiana (Jeffersonville Indiana). Miguel also host an array of business programs, fashion-shows video game tournaments. Miguel’s photography focuses on Maternity Portraits, Fashion/Senior Portraits, Weddings, Photojournalism, and Event Photography. His specialty, however, is capturing the perfect candid moment in any shoot, which he shoots using primarily natural light. Miguel is known for his silly, upbeat, fun shooting environment – and his ability to put his clients at ease. As Miguel says, “The most important part of a good photo shoot is the bond between the photographer and the subject. It is my job to make him/her feel comfortable; this makes the difference between good portraits and great portraits.”

You can find Miguel hanging out in his office playing video games with his daughter, making salsa for Sancho Miguel’s Salsa and creating great portraits with emerging local talent. To book a consultation with Miguel for your next photo session, click here