Amazing Time at FFE 2017 —-

WEW – FFE 2017 Designer Lanette Freitag

Amazing Time at FFE 2017 —-

Vid From  – WEW – FFE 2017 Designer – Renae Kotarski – Anastasi

Behind the scenes of LFNO 2015…Such a great show and cast to work with!

Had a great shoot with
Model: Taylor Blackmon
Dressed Designed By: Aryea Kolubah
Mood: Melancholy
Location: Jeffersonville IN in an Old Rehabbed Chruch

Quick Demo Video we tossed together with a few extra shots we did for her portfolio

More Images to come…


We just wrapped up our latest project!
Thanks and Shout-Out to G-Starks:
.30 sec ad for their website and social media.